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Burrows Arts

Rainbow Potions - Sticker Sheet

Rainbow Potions - Sticker Sheet

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Smaller rainbow potions for your journals and planners! Easier to put straight into your campaign journals or weekly spreads.

A sun-inspired sticker set themed for your radiant RPG character. Prepare for adventure with an assortment of solar equipment for your paladin, fighter, or more!

Sticker specifications:

  • A6 sticker sheet
  • Matte vinyl sticker paper
  • Water-resistant*
  • Adhesive sticker backing
  • Designed to last

Information on production:

Your products are made with love and care. All sticker sheets and die-cut stickers are designed and cut within the Burrows Arts studio.

We use high-quality production materials from other Australian businesses in an effort to reduce the environmental costs of international shipping. We also believe in supporting other local businesses where possible.

The matte vinyl paper used for these stickers has a PP vinyl film, as opposed to PVC. PVC contains 30% per weight of Chlorine and will produce toxic fumes when incinerated, however, PP will generate carbon dioxide and water when burned.

*Actual results may vary*

**This product is water-resistant, not water-proof**

***Please note: colours may vary from product images due to individual screen settings.***

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