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Hi! I’m Burrows 🥰✨

I’m a content creator with a love for all things fantasy. For as long as I can remember, I’ve read fantasy novels about dragons and monsters and adventurers of all kinds. My first video games were role-playing games with epic questlines to save the world.

I spent hours falling in love with the lore and the worlds that I encountered. It had always been my dream to design worlds that others could fall for, too. So, when COVID-19 massively changed my job, I had an opportunity to finally pursue my dreams and start creating those worlds I daydreamed about.

Creating fantasy products has been an exciting and rewarding experience. I enjoy the work, and I get to create items that I am incredibly proud of. All of my products are designed and created by me, in my studio.

During my time away from Burrows Arts, I stream RPGs and art, create journaling and gaming content on Youtube and make silly Dungeons and Dragons memes on Tiktok. I can be found @burrowsred on all social media platforms.

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