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PREORDER Night-Scented Fey Stock - Enamel Pin

PREORDER Night-Scented Fey Stock - Enamel Pin

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Preorder the Night-scented Fey Stock today, expected to be shipped in April 2023. One of 6 enamel pin designs as a part of the Twilight Feywild collection.
The third design of the Twilight Feywild set, the night-scented fey stock is the sweetest and most devious of them all.

Many who have fallen into the Feywild have followed the scent of the Fey stock. Though unassuming by day, the fey stock comes to life when twilight falls, smelling reminiscent of your most treasured memory. You may follow the paths bordered with these flowers, feeling yourself chase that nostalgic feeling further and further into the wilds of the fey.

The flowers of the fey stock can be used as material components for illusion magic, or can be combined into potions and tinctures to perform illusory tricks. But, the flowers must be picked at their prime; at the cusp of twilight.

 Pin specifications:

  • 45mm / 1.7inch pin design
  • Gold-plated metal and backing
  • Soft enamel with additional glitter fill
  • Double-posted backing for additional support
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