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PREORDER Moonflower - Enamel Pin

PREORDER Moonflower - Enamel Pin

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Preorder the Moonflower today, expected to be shipped in April 2023. One of 6 enamel pin designs as a part of the Twilight Feywild collection.
The Moonflower is beautiful. Its petals sparkle night and day, and it blooms sporadically, so you will always have a flower coming soon after the previous one blooms.

If you accidentally trample a Moonflower plant, you’ll soon know. Any flowers due to bloom will unfurl and release a noxious gas upon unsuspecting wanderers.

This gas is used to produce potent inhaled poisons. A trained poisoner may combine it into a Moonflower bomb. If you are in the presence of this bomb, you must succeed on a DC 15 Constitution Saving Throw. On a failed save, you become Poisoned for 1 hour. The Moonflower spores are so itchy, you also must use your reaction to run 15 feet away from where you were poisoned, at the DM’s discretion.

 Pin specifications:

  • 40mm / 1.6inch pin design
  • Gold-plated metal and backing
  • Soft enamel with additional glitter fill
  • Double-posted backing for additional support
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