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Burrows Arts

PREORDER Twilight Primrose - Enamel Pin

PREORDER Twilight Primrose - Enamel Pin

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Preorder the Twilight Primrose today, expected to be shipped in April 2023. One of 6 enamel pin designs as a part of the Twilight Feywild collection.
The Twilight Primrose is an ethereal flower that truly comes to life once the sun goes down. During the day, it has iridescent blooms that curl up tightly. Once the moon shines down on them, however, its petals swirl open to reveal these beautiful yellow petals and star and moon shaped stamen that peek from the centre.
Because of its immense healing properties, the twilight primrose can be condensed into an oil and added to any healing potion recipe for 1d4 temporary hit points. 🌸

 Pin specifications:

  • 45mm / 1.7inch pin design
  • Gold-plated metal and backing
  • Soft enamel with additional glitter fill
  • Double-posted backing for additional support
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