Twilight Feywild Kickstarter

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Welcome to the mystical world of the Twilight Feywild.
By supporting this project, you support the production of these six different mushroom and flower designs into enamel pins. Each design has their own story, and they make a whimsical and magical addition to accessorise your outfit or collection.
The Twilight Feywild designs were originally a sticker theme for my monthly sticker packs on Patreon, where I invested way too much time into developing a whole backstory for this fictional, fantasy place. This kickstarter aims to bring a lot of that backstory to life, in the form of these gorgeous enamel pins, and additional add-ons like item cards, and oneshots.
There are 6 base designs for this Kickstarter. Our funding goal goes toward our first design, as seen below. As the campaign is more successful, more designs will be unlocked. This sequential approach to funding will ensure that we can create one, if not more, of these designs at the end of a successful campaign.

In addition to the enamel pin designs, there are plenty of add-on items to choose from. There is a secret add on to be added later in the campaign, keep posted for more.
Firstly, please note that shipping will be charged as a part of your pledge. If there are additional shipping fees required due to add-ons, I will reach out to you directly. However, research has been done to ensure that shipping costs are as accurate as possible.
Due to COVID-19, please be aware that there may be delays that will be outside of my control. However, expect consistent updates throughout the production and fulfillment process to ensure that you're in the loop for any potential delays.
**Please note, EU backers: customers will be responsible for any additional VAT/customs tax on their orders. This may be an additional fee upon delivery of the product.**
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